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Interactive Research Pages on Menigitis UK Website

Following our email in May, we are incredibly excited to announce that the new research section of our website is now live. The new section combines information about research and meningitis in one, easy to navigate section with a number of new interactive features.

We are incredibly grateful to everybody who provided feedback during our initial survey which was conducted to gauge people’s opinion about how to make this section more engaging.

We would now really like to hear your feedback on the new section and would be very grateful if you could complete our short online survey to let us know what you think.

The new section can be found online here: For convenience, we have also listed some of the new features below:

  • An interactive vaccine timeline showing the different vaccines that have been introduced over the years.
  • An interactive vaccine graph showing the vaccines that have been developed against meningitis and the impact they have made.
  • An interactive treatment graph to show developments made in treating meningitis and the impact they have had.
  • An educational flash animation and game to show how the immune system works and the challenge in developing a vaccine for Meningitis B.
  • A new way of displaying research project details through tabbed pages with both scientific and lay versions.
  • Research FAQ page.
  • A medical/science glossary which automatically highlights all terms in the glossary within all other content across the whole site.

We would like to thank Pfizer for the kind support they provided towards this project.
We look forward to receiving your feedback.
With best wishes
Kate Rowland
Head of Development, Meningitis UK

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