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Little Archie Barton lost both legs to Meningitis - Please help to improve his Life


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Archie's Second Birthday

On the 27th January 2008 we celebrated Archie's 2nd Birthday.

Not knowing where to go we spent the day in Newquay - it was a beautiful sunny day. Archie enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. Afterwards we had a little tea party at home, and of course Birthday cake. Family and friends came to visit.

Brother & sisterWith DadBirthdayBirthday Cake

Every child's Birthday is special but Archie's was extra special. Archie survived a killer disease and is getting stronger by the day. We tell him we love him a thousand times a day. He melts me when he says "Love You" back. We are a very grateful family.

We wouldn't be complete without Archie.

Thank you for all your support and well wishes


Operation February 2008

On February 4th 2008 Archie returned to the Barbara Russell Unit at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. Obviously Archie was not happy to be back, but all the nursing staff, parents and patients were delighted to see him. Five months was a very long time in hospital: I think Archie remembers or senses.

It was haunting for us to be back, but was made easier by the Consultants and nursing staff.

February 2008 OperationWith Denise, Manager of Ronald Mc Donald BristolWith friendsWith Brendan

Yet another Anaesthetic

Archie arrived back from theatre very angry, frustrated and tearful. The plastic surgeons needed to release his wrists. They were cut, skin grafted (donor site was his tummy) then wired. All bandaged up and back on drugs was an unhappy Archie. We stayed for five days. Archie will have the wires removed on February 26th.

While in hospital Archie was visited by Noel Edmonds and Denise, the manager of Ronald McDonald House (with lots of cuddles and kisses) and Steve of Meningitis UK.

We hope this operation has been successful. Now we must let him be a toddler again before the next procedure.

One Year Later - 1st Anniversary of Archie's Illness

One year has passed since our son Archie contracted meningoccocal septicaemia. It has been a very difficult year for all the family. One little person has kept our spirits high and given us a lot of laughter and tears. We are so grateful his still with us. We love him very much.

On a boat at PolruanOn the beachOn the beachOn the beach
With DadLittle wet suitWith Auntie Mandy

We didn't want to be sat on the same settee a year later (11th June 2008) moping around. So we planned a week away with Archie. First we went to my sister's (Mandy) in Polruan, Cornwall. The weather was fantastic. We took Archie to beaches and went on a boat trip. Captain Dan took us up Fowey River and around the coast line. Archie loved it. Archie enjoys being outside. The sun, sand, sea, birds, smells and sounds are so good for him. I believe they all stimulate his eyesight.

Tears were flowing on the eve of the 11th. Remembering is so painful. We re-lived the tragic and devastating hours, days and weeks of intensive care.

The last two days we spent with friends (Kate and Mike) in Dobwalls. They have a beautiful barn. Again the weather was great. Archie enjoyed horses, chickens, birds and dogs in the back garden. He loved it. He was fascinated by the touch of grass.

It was definitely the right decision to go away. We knew the bigger family were feeling the pain too, but we needed to deal with our emotions on our own with Archie. We are so grateful for all the support we receive from family, friends and the public. We must always stay positive as Archie will never benefit from negativity. THANK YOU.

Archie's Third Birthday

Another precious year with our son. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!. His achieved so much in a year. He will excel himself in the next 12 months. His strong, determined, intelligent, witty, gutsy and an inspiration to all that know him. Look out for up date on new prosthetic legs and videos. Thank you for all your support over the past year. Nicky.

Archie on his Third Birthdaywith Auntie Donnaenjoying his Birthday cakeArchie on his Third Birthday

One Hero Meets Another!

Royal Marine Ben McBean came to visit Archie in August. Ben is a very brave and proud 21yr old man.He lost his leg and arm to the war. This happened five months ago, so you can imagine how proud we were to greet him walking up the steps to our home.

Ben McBean with ArchieBen McBean with Archie

Ben and his family wanted to meet Archie. They spent several hours chatting and playing. Ben wants to do something to help Archie's fund and raise awareness of meningitis. It was a privilege to meet Ben and his family.His smile is amazing. Thank you.

Receiving a Donation

Receiving a Donation

Archie had his photo taken with friends Karen Askham and Chris Healy. Karen held a ladies night at the Borough of Newham Masonic Lodge and raised £1600.00 for Archie's fund. Thank you so much. Your support has been amazing. Look forward to seeing you soon.


Christmas Day 2008

I was very anxious about this Christmas; last year was emotionally difficult. This year was much easier to cope with as Archie was aware of Father Christmas, the tree and dinner. Archie was very excited when he woke - the presents were overwhelming for him but he enjoyed his Auntie Mandy and cousins staying. By 5 o'clock he was shattered. Christmas is for children and family. Archie is our Christmas, the greatest gift we could ever have. We wish you a very healthy, happy new year.

Archie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at Christmas
Archie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at Christmas
Archie at Christmas Archie at ChristmasArchie at ChristmasArchie at Christmas

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At Ivybridge Donkey Sanctuary

Archie at the Donkey Sanctuary in Ivybridge with his very special friend ZachArchie at the Donkey Sanctuary in Ivybridge with his very special friend Zach
Archie at the Donkey Sanctuary in Ivybridge with his very special friend Zach

2011 & Christmas 2011

Raft Race 2011 Raft Race 2011Archie with his friend KeiraArchie with Mummy
Archie on the steam train meeting Father Christmas 2011. Christmas face painting 2011Christmas Party 2011, Archie with his cousins Ruby and Maise


Archie enjoying his first cuddle with Hope Marie Barton Archie relaxing with his new kitten Ginge Barton !!!!!!!!Archie having great fun with his friend Kiera in the ball pool.

Archie in Polzeath Camping 2013

Archie at Polzeath Archie at PolzeathArchie at Polzeath Archie at PolzeathArchie at Polzeath.


A Year with the NHS

The NHS cannot cope or meet children's needs. 66,000 people in Britain are amputees, only 3,000 are children. (figures are from Peggy and Friends). For 15 months we have done everything asked with no results. Archie is very strong and determined, but his development is now being hindered by his Prosthetic legs. They are very heavy. They are uncomfortable. The belt falls off often and the legs twist. The foot size has been too small. Its a long time from fitting to receiving the new legs, Archie is growing all the time. Archie is visually impaired: the legs need to feel part of him and be comfortable with good function. The world of standing is very frightening for Archie. I do not want my son to live his life on his bottom or in a wheel chair. He needs to be a toddler and have  quality of  life, standing, walking, running, jumping etc.

I didn't know what to expect when we started this journey 15months ago, but I do know I had to become an expert on prosthetics very quickly. Someone has to fight for Archie. Why do parents have to fight for results that their children deserve?

Physio has been another battle. Once a week is not enough to keep Archie's muscles, hips, back etc in prime condition for walking. They will tighten, shorten and  seize if something isn't done very soon. I also have severe frustrations with the development centre for not accepting Archie's age. At two years old he has no energy at 3.o'clock in the afternoon. They would not give Archie a morning appointment. Archie's funds raised are for his future, to give him a quality of life and a happy one.

The latest news on prosthetics is we have made an appointment with Dorset Orthopaedic Clinic. This will be on the 4th of February. I am looking forward to going - it’s time. Time is running out for Archie. Then we have to wait an see what decision the Primary Care Trust  make on funding. I feel that they should contribute as the NHS have failed Archie. It shouldn’t be all funded from hard working fund raisers.

My family for generations has been paying into the NHS. Kind of an investment. Now we need some payback for our son, it is not happening. I am very disappointed and frustrated. I do have faith in Archie’s nursery, Woodlands school for special children. They are trying to work with Archie’s legs every day. That is what Archie needs.

So Proud of Our Boy


Herald "Young Hero" Award - click image to enlarge.


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