Archie's Story

Little Archie Barton lost both legs to Meningitis - Please help to improve his Life


Our Aim

Archie in a swingIn setting up this website we hope to alert people to the dangers of Meningitis B so they may be prepared if a child of theirs shows symptoms which might be those of meningitis. If we can prevent just one child suffering the way that Archie has suffered, and will continue to suffer, then our efforts will have been worthwhile.

In addition, of course, we aim to raise money for a fund to help provide Archie with the best prosthetic limbs, equipment and care available.

Archie will need care and support throughout his life. Because he is so young, as he grows so his limbs will need to be replaced with larger ones, and through this fund we aim to enable him to gain the maximum mobility possible and enjoy the independence that every young child should expect.

Money raised by this process, and by the fundraising activities of friends and family, goes to a fund exclusively for Archie's care, but we also work to support these Bristol-based charities which do fantastic work supporting victims of meningitis:

Archie Barton
a minim website
Venus Training & Consultancy