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Little Archie Barton lost both legs to Meningitis - Please help to improve his Life


Meningitis Victim needs Support

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Signs of Meningitis

Look out for any of these symptoms:
  • headache
  • stiff neck
  • rash
  • temperature/fever
  • dislike of bright light
  • difficulty supporting own weight
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • confusion and drowsiness.
Any two or three of these symptoms should give you cause for concern. Do not wait for a rash to appear - it may not!
Do not delay!
If you think something is wrong, go immediately to your nearest Casualty unit.

Archie Barton Little Archie Barton was less than 18 months old when he developed a temperature and was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with Meningitis B.

The severe septicaemia which followed has ravaged Archie's body and caused him to have both legs amputated.

In addition he has lost a number of fingers, part of an ear and the tip of his nose.

Just home from hospital after 5 months, Archie now has severe visual impairment and is facing a difficult life.

As he grows up he will need a continual supply of new prosthetic legs. Those available on the NHS have limited function and are unlikely to give Archie good mobility. The cost of alternatives could reach £12,000 every few months, which is something his parents Nicky and Murray cannot afford.

There is no vaccine against meningococcal group B, which causes almost 90% of all meningitis cases and is most prevalent in children under the age of five. Meningitis UK, a Bristol-based charity, have launched a 7m vaccination appeal.

Archie's mother Nicky was able to be with Archie for his 5 month stay in hospital in Bristol because of the help provided by Ronald McDonald House, Bristol, an independent charity which provides Home from Home accommodation, free of charge, to the families of critically ill children receiving care at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and Frenchay Hospital.

Through this website Nicky and Murray hope to raise awareness of the disease as well as raising vital funds for helping Archie through life's journey. Please take a longer look and consider making a donation to Archie's fund.

Archie in Hospital - early daysArchie in bandagesOut of his bandagesSmiling again!

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